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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Power Outage

Yup when I got up at 0'dark-ten and heard the wind howling across the Ole Tin Roof, I knew the power would go out. It does that here. So I went back to bed. Some dark time later I woke up to Squacking..........2 teenage girls making a fuss in the hallway. That was my first clue to the power outage. The second clue? It was DARK...duh!

So I grabbed my handy dandy flashlight, got the feathers soothed in the hallway, then cursed. I had not done the usual water tricks I do when I know the power may go out. Out in the boondoggles here everything is electric...the pump on the well that gives us our water....and all the other crap in This Old Trailer. {by Trailer Years, this place is frickin' old!}

So after both girls did "Makeup by Flashlight" by Dark Morning, and went off to the bus, the power came back on....hehehehehe......

Thats when my Man, the allergic to mornings dude, leaped outta bed and hollered "I'm takin' a shower". Then back to bed and sawed some more logs....clean logs this time!

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