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Monday, January 02, 2006

Official Holiday

This was supposed to be posted Jan 1, but I kept getting an error message, so here it is the how times flies!
Ok, since today is the Governments Jan. 1, then it can be mine too! I was sick for my Birthday and New Years Eve....and the fact that they are the same day, Dec. 31, has nothing to do with it. I was sick on 2 days that are normal celebratory days....and I was still not well on New Years Day. So. So there.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Lots of people do the resolution thing....not me. But I am giving myself a goal for this year. I MUST loose weight. I ain't talkin' vanity here folks, I am talkin' "loose weight or loose your health you fat tub" talk!! I am Fat. I have Asthma. I don't have a lot of other health trouble YET. So. So there.

Don't talk to me about diets.....been there done that....over and over. I know what I gotta do, I just need to stick to it. And just cuz my name rhymes with Sticky does not mean I am a Post It!

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