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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

More of the Pink Quilt

Last week my mail box filled up with squishies* full of light pink fabrics from my friends. Yummo! {both the friends and the fabrics} So I made 12" cuts, stitched them tog into 60+" strips and now have the Curves pinned to them. Boy all that fabric on either side is begging for quilting...but this is supposed to be a duvet cover....I may have to do some faux quilting stitches. The other picture is of the trash can full of pink scraps and the wad at the bottom is the thread I un-wound from my bobbins. {when I took my new/used machine back to the store I found out the things wrong with it where ME and my thread. Coats and Clark from Joanns is not the thread for my machine, it has better tastes.}

*squishies~~ to receive envelopes of fabric/s in the mail.


  1. OMG, that looks smashing! I cannot wait to see the FO. Very cool design.

  2. Yeah - a lot of sewing machines are snobby about thread - who knew? & why do the sell the other stuff?

  3. What I can't figure out it is why the make the even cheaper stuff that you see in the bins at Joanns.

  4. Oooo... that is like my stash only it looks like you've done something with yours! I think I'll have to get cracking this weekend. I had to pick it all up after took the picture because Charlie wanted to play with it. Cat in the Batt.... What a brilliant concept! >@@<