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Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Words and other stuff.

I accidentally come out with mispronounced words now and then.....
and they can be pretty funny.
Recent words: Drounched drown and drench. "You could get drounched going out in the rain"
The dogs wanted out and it happened to be raining horses and cows so I told them, the dogs, not to get drounched.

Word #2~~ Honican was trying to say Heineken, and was also thinking about hanukkah, though I have no idea why. During the Bermuda Triangle Mini Series on the SciFi channel, they kept showing the same stinking commercial over and over and over again.

Speaking of the SciFi, they are going to have a series that I hope lives up to my expectations! The Dragon King! whhhhhoooooooooowhoooooooo........Oh I think they are calling it Dark Kingdom, but of course all I 'see' is the Dragon! But I hafta wait til March of 2-0-0-and 6

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