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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Last Time This Year....

That's what I told the girls last night as I rode with them to the movies. I will not take them to the movies again this year. no siree. nope. not gonna happen. Hopefully Ashley will get her license in 2006 so I don't have to ride along anymore...with her at least. Stephanie is next for the '2 year driving school' taught by Mom.

Speaking of Steph, she has started her first needlepoint project! Yeah. She is working on the Snowman from the Calendar I got for us. I am making the Crow.

Had the Megan Moo for 2 days because her daddy was sick and mama is still trying to get better from her tailbone op. Her toy for this visit was a potato....yup an Idaho Spud. Have to ask Ashley is she took a picture of it in Meg's mouth.


  1. Every time I read your Title I swear i saw "THIS time LAST year" and I read, and re-read your post trying to figure out what that meant. I finally "figured out" you meant "this time NEXT year" but while that made more sense, it still wasn't right. Hmmm... maybe giving away all my coffeemakers was a bad idea. ;o)

  2. Yeah, maybe you should have held on to one of them at least...

    Now repeat after me...Last....