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Monday, December 26, 2005

got what we needed

Santa brought us things we needed yesterday like a coffee maker, a phone and even a shower curtain! Course the coffeemaker has an espresso maker side, the phone has 2 handsets and the shower curtain has a new rug too. He also brought us a wafflemaker and a breadmaker and the sewing machine a few weeks back. Oh and a ji-gan-to fry pan so we can really sling food around!

As for Dinner....Norman Jr., the Turkey, was not nearly as good has his Senior that we devoured on and after Thanksgiving. Not sure if I cooked him upside down or not, to long, or whatever. Will try again in the spring....or maybe late winter.


  1. Whoa woman, Santa showered you guys with gifts! Awesome.

    I love waffles. I think waffles are one of my most favorite foods in the world.

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Sure looks like it huh? Actually it's a good time to give ourselves the things we happen to need. Old phone was going kaput, old coffee maker was leaking, old shower curtain was barely hanging....and then there were the sales. If it aint on sale, forget it!

  3. You know, speaking of sales... if you have a freezer, Walmart (here anyway) has turkeys for 69¢ a pound. That's cheaper than the grizzliest cut of anything else. I should have picked a couple up myself to try on the grill next summer.