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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gingerbread part 2, scroll down for beginning.

The completed Train, Cabbose, Tree and Snowbody.
hummmmm....yellow snow and snowbody droppings???
Check out the star, Steph scratched the top coat of stuff off the candy and made lights with licroice and other candy balls. The green is covering more licroice.
Kinda mean looking....guess I would be too if someone caught me going potty.
The front of the Train...look it's full of candy! The girls discovered that the peppermints, both green and red, cut nicely with scissors.
Steph goofed with the frosting...she added TABLESPOONS of water instead of teaspoons.....good thing we had several packs of powdered sugar hanging around.
I hope next year she will make the gingerbread from scratch! In the meantime she is going to learn to stop and READ the instructions instead of just glancing at them!

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