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Monday, December 12, 2005

ER Visit

Nothing like hurry up and wait when you visit the Emergency Room of a hospital. I did that Friday night with my husband for kicks and giggles....NOT. I 'did' something to the muscles in my chest on the right side while coughing.....asthma and allergies will cause that! This time it hurt like the devil....the hospital has a Pain Scale of 1 to 10, so I was close to a 10 when I called my hubby to come rescue me! And every stinking bump in the highway.....those were all 10's too! Then the 'go figure' set in when Dan was pulling me out of the car....First I howled with pain, not cuz of the moon being out, and then noticed that some of the sharper pains weren't there at the moment. We still went in of course, because there was still a lot of pain and we still weren't sure if my hernia was ok....or rather the hernia repair site. I knew it was ok from the outside, but couldn't see the inside.
So after blood work and waiting......and waiting.....and waiting some more the doctor came back and said the hernia was ok according to the blood drawn and I had just pulled muscles. Sent me home with instructions to take it kidding!
So now I have to cough in little lady like hic's so I don't hurt anything!

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