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Friday, December 16, 2005

Calendars and Applique

We love calendars. Not because we really care what day it is, tho there are some we like to remember, but because we like to look at different pictures all the time! Once a month we get to change the wall art in various rooms and enjoy a new picture. We have one in the bathroom, living room and kitchen, oh and all 3 bedrooms! So that about covers the whole house. {no dining room, that's the sewing half of the kitchen, shares the calendar unless we put up 2}

And our moms, mine and Dan's, love the desk top trivia calendars......

So this year I went to, of course! and got
Needlework~ First 2 on this page. I am hoping Stephanie will take an intrest in hand work, and cross stitch and needlepoint have some math aspects....
3~D Egypt, how cool, for Dan
And for Ashleys locker at school, funny dogs.

I figure the needlework cal's will work in the kitchen and bath???? Otherwise I will need to get others, oh darn!

Applique.....I was prusing the Rubbermaid web site and they have 'create your own tub thingies' tho I don't think they call them thingies....anyway, they are great applique shapes!!! Gonna have to scroll to the bottom of the page for the Tub [something] Patterns, why? Cuz I can't copy/paste the direct link for some reason that I don't really care about....sheesh.

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