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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Quilt Swap results are in~ I can show you Beach Chair!

Via the Quilt Art List many of us have taken part in a quilt swap. Anonymously. We sent pictures of the quilt we wanted to swap, the coordinator figured who would get what, which I am very sure was a tough job, she just made it sound easy, and now the results are in. We get to have Kelp Forest come live with us, I will post a photo as soon as it arrives! They, others in the swap, are planning to do it again. I may just have to go for it. Oh, that's right I can now post a picture of my entry!! Gosh I almost forgot.

I call it Beach Chair. It's like 9 x 11, somewhere in that range, and has beads, seashells, and Barbie shoes on it. It was a load of fun to quilt and embellish...oh and I came up with the Chair pattern/block about 4 years ago. The arm of the chair is lightly crooked, reminds me of something Van Gogh would have done....


  1. Your beach chair quilt is just the cutest thing!!!!

  2. I hope your Kelp Forest is as lovely as your beach chair. I realy admire it. Alexis