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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I made my first 2 quilted postcards last night, and like everyone says, they are fun! I had gotten a surprise package in the mail from a friend {duh?} who was cleaning out her sewing area. The House card was a small pp block and the cat was fused onto another block and I promptly removed it. The ideas started swirling around my brain about 4 seconds after I opened the package! These cards are for The Moms, as we so fondly call my mom,Evie, and Dan's mom, Chris, who just happen to live together in the Harbor. I took the picture w/o flash under the little lamp we have siting here on the puter table. It is a good way to hide the crummy satin stitch around the edges.
Dan and the girls went Christmas shopping at Target last night and then came into the house via the back back door. It seems they needed to hide something in Ashley's room, which is an 'addition' off that end of the trailer.
It is trying to snow here. We are about 1000 feet above sea level....depending on the tides. We don't get the snow that the rest of the country gets, it's really wet, usually, and heavy. It doesn't last long either. Still Stephanie tries everytime to make a snowman. Everytime. Go Steph!
Hey I may become a pattern tester for Monster Crochet! Which means buying yarn....darn....and finding my crochet hooks! So that will make me a double tester?....tester x 2?....Two Times The Tester {sing it lady}......
Remember I still test quilt block patterns for Marcia at The Quilters Cache!

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  1. Silly, you'll be a Supertest-er. ;o)

    Cute cards, they ARE fun, aren't they?