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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Perfect Snore

Not Storm...Snore. The perfect snore.
Lets face it, snoring is here for ever and always, and always was.
Since that can't be changed, why not ask for the Perfect Snore?
While in the hospital last week for Operation Hernia, one of the places I 'visited' was the recovery room. While I was in the process of waking up I could hear what was going on around me, but there was a curtain, so I couldn't see.
No problem. In my fuzzy state of being, I didn't need to see anything anyway.
But I did notice that someone was snoring.
And as I listened to this snoring I realized that it didn't change.
No bells, no whistles,
no grunts, snorts, or flappy-lip-when-you-exhale-movements.
The snore was not to loud either, considering we were in this big room where it could have echoed, maybe, or at least been amplified.
It was
Kudos to the person who owns/creates that snore.
The people in that persons life should be thankful!
I know if my husband snored that nicely
VERY THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Recovery room is one of the most interesting places in the hospital. I was an ARMY Corpsman and rotated through Recovery Room, some people wake up thinking it's yesterday. This guy had to be restrained, he kept on banging the arm he was operated on and screaming of course. LOL, not really funny.