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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Introducing Fred....

This is the Resident Caregiver for the floor of the Hospital I spent 2 days in last week. Isn't he dreamy? His name is Fred Seagull. He takes his job seriously and cares very much if you share your crackers with him, or not....

And this is the View from the window of the room I was in.
Everything is so....gray....everything is so colorless....
Yet when you view the clouds with your eye, you see variations that the camera
doesn't want to pick up.

And this is the front shot of the Hospital I stayed in.
I was there to have Operation Hernia, otherwise known as 'that frickin' cantaloupe sized buldge stickin' out the left side of my belly.' I now have a flat fat belly! Yahoo!
My surgeon should take up quilting, his stitches are Invisible!!
As for the Bikini Cut I wanted....I think the scar will be bigger than any Bikini these days!
The Cut in the Gut is at least this big;
Seriously! I Gues-sured.

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