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Thursday, October 20, 2005

This and That

Well the iPod arrived and Steph loves it. In the meantime, Dan had to return the MP3 player he had picked up at Radio Shack, it just didn't work very well. THEN his boss said he would buy Dan an iPod....yes! The guy has always been a good boss, in fact Dan and I had just been talking the night before how the boss is generous....he musta heard us.
Of course I had to order the 2nd iPod on line too because all the local stores were sold out....and considering how many stores Tacoma has.....So while I am ordering Dan's Pod, Ashley sighs and says she wish she could have one. I already knew she wanted yes I ordered a 3rd iPod for this family.
Having all 3 birthday's in the same month --ok one is Nov. 1, but close enough-- can be rough. Good thing my birthday is after what do I want......?????
New Sewing machine? or at least an up-grade? Fabric?
Probably get new glasses cuz I need them, then I can see the fabric I already have!

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