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Friday, October 14, 2005

Test Block was challenge

I do test blocks for Marcia Hohn and her vast FREE pattern website, and have done so for a few years now. I have tested over 60 patterns so far, testing for Marcia's math <;P and instructions, just to make sure they are correct.
I usually test Paper Piece Patterns because I don't do Math...I like to sew willy-nilly.
I also pick my fabric by tripping thru the tubs and grabbing the pieces as they fly around......thats how they get into my shopping cart when Marcia asked me to 'follow her color value examples' in her pattern 'scripts', I figured 'you betcha I can do that'........
{it seems not everyone picks fabric like I do, tho I can't imagine why, and they need visual examples of Marcias' drawings.}
Someone say Visual? I am all about that.
So what was challenging about all this? When I sat down to sew up the latest pattern, the fabrics just sat in their tubs....nothing was flying around.... jumping out...or even crawling along the table top. I had to actually pick out each fabric, by hand.....
I was so enlightened....this was something new....I never want to do this again....
Now I know I am not just A Quilter!


  1. You're not being fair to Marcia. You were making completely different blocks by ignoring her directions for fabric placement and creating completely different blocks.

  2. I disagree with this comment left, I think it broadens the pattern, shows there is more than one "look" you can get with the same pattern. Koodles to your creative mind, Vicky!

  3. Vicky, you know I am a longtime admirer of your color sense. I believe you remained true to Marcia's pattern while showing a variation. I feel certain if she were unhappy with you or your choice, she'd let you know personally and not anonymously . She didn't have to post your sample, did she. ALEXIS DURHAM

  4. The best part of Marcia's site is seeing all the variations that can be made.Anyone can visualize what Marcia meant in her block with the colors she put on her pages.The variations made up really make the blocks pop to see whether I want to make them up now or later.Your color sense is wonderful and continue to dare to be different!

    Karen Gutterman