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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Variety

Pictures are mixed up, say la vee'
This is a Madrone tree in our yard. I don't really like these trees.
1. they don't look or smell like Pine trees.
2. they shed their leaves in summer, that is just bass akwards.
3. the bark peels off like a bad sunburn.
BUT....scroll down to the next shot of this tree....
keep scrolling...
ta da.....
today the berries on the Madrone tree look very cheerful and abundunt[contributed by Spell Check Steph, with a great big laugh!]

In between the pix is one of Rocket, he just looks so regal in that pose.
Next is a picture of a chunk of crochet. I am trying to get this piece to felt. This is wash/dry 1.
Last is a shot of the first block in a new quilt for Ashley. She wants Pink~Blue~Green,
I wanted to use the pattern Victoria's Star because Marcia designed and named it for me!

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