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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Monday Part 5, Scroll down, read from Part 1 up

The blogging world is done backwards, as compared to my bass awakwards-ness, so if you want this Monday crap to make sense, go to Part 1 and read up from there.
Monday Part 5
This is one of the FQ's I got at my LQS on Sat. They have baskets and buckets and boxes here and there in the store where they tuck odd ends of fabrics and FQ's. I love searching for them, then digging through the fabrics until one of them jumps into my hands to go home with me....after paying for it of course.

This next one is kinda odd looking, don't know if you can see what I see in's like it was under other fabrics when the dying was done. I have been reading other fiber art blogs, and those who paint/dye their own fabrics tend to have more than one piece of fabric stacked up. After working on the top piece they peel that off, put somewhere to 'rest' and start working on the piece of fabric under it which has picked up the colors slightly differently. That's how this one looks. You can see hints of spirals here and there. Maybe clicking on it will give you abigger version to better clarity.
This, below, is a bucks worth of plush felt teddy bear fabric scraps. I have plans for it, but not sure if it will work, so I will try before I say more on that.
And that's all there is folks...for the moment.

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  1. Your "under" dyed fabric looked, to me, like a basket full of brand newborn kittens. :oP Looked much better up close. Thank goodness!