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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kit Kat & Simply Still [Life]

Ok, I open Paint and pull up my watering can photo to play with. I did a little resizing, some rotating, and then decided to Invert the Colors.....I love the way the tin do I reproduce that? Paint? Probably. I also like the way the green astro turff turned purple!

and this the not something I see often with these 2 kitties.
Rocket, the orange man usually kicks his sister, Precious outta bed...or chair...or whereever.
Yes that is a quilt under them. It's from a Jean Wells, of Sisters Oregon Quilt
show fame, pattern from quite a while ago. Probably have full shot of it in webshots album.
Didn't like it at first, love it now which I notice I do a lot with my quilts....

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