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Friday, October 21, 2005

Bass Awakwards Household

I have dogs that eat ice cubes.
I have a cat that catches mice and brings them to the dogs.
I have a granddaughter that figures if the dogs like it so will I.....
I am well trained by the dogs....they nudge me or look at my glass and I know they want an ice cube. Well Abby has several kinds of nudges. 1 for ice cubes. 1 for back stratch. 1 for let me out.
The cat has the 'caught a mouse' meow that immediately gets the dogs attention and they race to see who gets the mouse first from her.....and of course the mice are still alive! Sheesh,
"gotta entertain the dumb dogs somehow"....that's translated Cats-Speak.
Of course the granddaughter shouldn't really be included in this, she is just being normal.
I got my Bass Awakwardness from my Dad. I tend to do spoonerisms too.
"Spoonerisms are words or phrases in which letters or syllables get swapped. This often happens accidentally in slips of the tongue (or tips of the slung as Spoonerisms are often affectionately called!):
Tease my ears (Ease my tears)
A lack of pies (A pack of lies)
It's roaring with pain (It's pouring with rain)
Wave the sails (Save the whales) "
I got that quote from a site full of pop-ups, yuck, so I found another site for the link for you....aren't I nice? So just click on the word 'spoonerisms' to get an offical earful.
my fav's of Dad's:
As The Turd Whorls
Horse Duuvers
Cow's Ass?
Hopefully I will think of more!

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  1. I was afraid to look at the pictures and discover Megan with a mouse. Gank Thod it was just(!) a chew toy.