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Friday, September 23, 2005

Water and Simple Still Life

Yeah we have water again! The Well-Repair-Dude was able to replace the pump yesterday=Thursday=so water is flowing again...yipeeeeee So what did I do first? Watered the lawn.....I can hear your thoughts...Wha???? The Lawn??

Yes, the Lawn. I figured it wouldn't mind the dirt that was hitching a ride on that water. In fact the lawn was probably thinking "what? no rocks?" That's right, Lawn, I was able to feed you dirt w/o rocks for a change, enjoy, it won't last!
Actually, truth be told, we flushed the toilet first! But I decided that the Lawn would appreciate the Dirt in the Water more than the septic tank would, so that's why I watered the Lawn. The water is still not quite clear, but good 'nuff for showers.
Stay tuned for the next step, the Holding Tank in the Well House. Can the tank be changed with out muddying the water? How long will the Water be off? Answers to these compelling questions, and more in the next episode of What, No Water?
We now have Part Duex of the Simple Still Life to work on, see the button on the left? Click on that to get more info!

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