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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The 'front' of our trailer, which we call home.
{actually I call it the Ugly Trailer}
This is where we....well we park our cars front of the trailer.
That's the kitchen window and to the right of it is the 'back deck' which isn't really a deck at all, that's just what we call it, but that's where we keep the important the garbage and recycling.

wooowhooooo....finally have molding around the front door and the storm door back on. For a few years we had white duct tape as the "molding".....hey it worked! I have to paint the door, but need to look over the paint samples at the very large hardware thinking of terra cotta to "go" with my sand/beach 'theme' for the deck...this is a real deck on the " front"of the trailer....on the real front of the Ugly Trailer...

We painted this 'wall' and gate ~below~ the other day, looks MUCH better...sorry, no 'before' picture, gonna hafta use your 'magination, but I can help it by saying the board did have some paint on it from looooooonnnngggggggg ago but it was so thirsty you had to dip the brush with every stroke! But covered in one coat. The gate was new plywood, so it took a normal 2 coats.

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