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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I am now a Mother In Law

ho ho ho! Ben and Kacie tied the knot on Sunday, so it was Happy Fathers Wedding Day. They did just a quick exchange of vows after church, no family, no special dress, no fuss. Someone took pix on their phone, but I haven't seen them yet. So now Megan is mine to spoil!

The deck is done for now, it will need railings and such, but that will have to wait. I was going to paint some of it today, but the clouds are here and I don't want to chance it, even tho the whole thing is now covered by a 'roof'. Having it is awesome! I love decks, forget lawns, give me a deck everytime! I want to use some of our beach finds for decor, driftwood, etc.

Today is last day for myself. Ben was on vacation last week so he was here everyday, but that got the deck done, so...And the girlies are out of school for summer as of the 23rd. And Kacie has the day off tommrow, so today is my day.....oh and Dan is working today too.

Hernia surgery is postponed due to coughing-after-cold. So maybe in August.

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