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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Binding half on

I have the binding half on the Hoffman challenge quilt, and 1/4 stitched onto the back side. And the sleeve is on! Am trying to get this done by June 21, so I know it's done when I go in for hernia repair. And I want to have hand work ready for recovery time in bed.

I get to go to the bead store on Tuesday, yahoo!! I need seed beads the 'song' quilt, scroll down for pix.

And I need to get the batting in 2 side borders of my Dragon quilt. Have pix in my webshots albums, the link is down here somewhere......I also want to add more beads to it, besides some more hand quilting. That quilt is going to be a window covering for the living room, so I can bead it to my hearts content!

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