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Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Song" Wallhanging

On the quilting forum there are many swaps, and I have been in and started many of them. This one was a little different. Anna calls it a Nesting Robin, you do the piecing in 'rounds/rows' ~when she gave us the new clues~ but you kept it at home, you didn't mail/give it to the next person to work on the next round/row. The clues were all songs. You could use just the Title of the song for your inspiration, or any of the lyrics, or ....or.... The best way I can explain it is "What do you See when you Hear a song?" And that's the title I am giving this wallhanging. [pix below] Oh, and to top it off, you picked a 'theme' to base the inspiration on, and my theme is Trees, so I had to incorporate the songs/lyrics around Trees!

The Songs it's based on:
1. Stardust ~the tree with 'snow' and beads on it, I added the Star over it later.
2. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds~ close up below.
3. Rainbow Connection~ the far left tree. I based it on the lyrics "the lovers, the dreamers, and me" I/we {my girls} love to read & books are written by dreamers. The 'rainbow' part comes in later, I got some interstice braiding at Wal-Marche.
4. Annie's Song~ Annie is on the right side tripping down the path in the woods.
5. The River~ This song is by Garth Brooks and I don't remember hearing, which I need to alter, so so far I have just the River starting to 'flow' and because it's last ~vs. something you would put in first on an applique pattern~ I have to work it around the trees. Makes it more fun!
And that's the last clue. I have 'hair' ready to apply to the Bare Headed Ladies, some yarn I painted/dyed. I also have more beading ideas.....

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