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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Been a few days....

Since I last jumped in here. Had Megan here for a few days after Ben called with his "The sky is falling" plea for help. Amazing how I got back into the baby mode so easily....maybe I should say scary???

Just joined a Swap on the QuiltArt list. Small {18 inch} quilts, any theme to be swapped online.
All the quilts will be posted with a number, you make your first, second and third choice and exchange, via mail, your quilt. Something to work on during hernia recovery! And something else to add beads to....have gotten bitten by the beading on quilts bug....boy is that a bad bad bad bite!!!

I have to laugh at Ashley....looks like she is allergic to her Beta's {betta's?}.......She just cleaned out the 2 bowls that sit here on the computer desk, and afterwards she found reaction bumps on her forearms, something in the fish water.....ho ho ho....

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